Air International 1990-10
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The New York ANG's 139th TAS at Schenectady County Airport has replaced its early C-130Ds with similarly ski-equipped LC-130Hs to maintain its mission of supplying DEW-line radar outposts in the Arctic.
Since 1984, Lockheed has been using this modified L-100-20 stretched version of the Hercules in the role of a High Technology Test Bed (HTTB), to evaluate and test-fly a number of new features, some of which have now been brought to the point where they can be offered in future production versions of the Hercules, such as the proposed C-130J.
A USAF Hercules demonstrates LAPES - the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System that permits the delivery of heavy loads with great precision.
На момент снятия с вооружения первых ганшипов на базе ранних C-130 сохранилось исходное их обозначение AC-130A. Большую часть своей карьеры самолеты отлетали с трехлопастными воздушными винтами, но ближе к концу службы получили ТВД T56-A-15 с четырехлопастными винтами.
After operating in Vietnam in overall three-tone camouflage (or, for night missions, black), the USAF gunships - such as this AC-130A - now sport a grey finish with low-visibility insignia. Pending the future delivery of AC-130Us modified by Rockwell from new-build C-130Hs, Lockheed is upgrading the 10 AC-130Hs to Special Operations Force Improved (SOFI) Gunship specification, with numerous systems modifications. The first SOFI upgrade was redelivered this year.
Taking off from Nellis AFB on a Red Flag 84-2 mission, this AFRES Lockheed AC-130 in service with the 711th SOS of Air Force Reserve had a microwave transmitter pod under the starboard wing (used for computerised scoring purposes), and two 40-mm gun barrels projecting from the port side of the fuselage.
Lockheed AC-130E/H Hercules
Установленные под хвостовой частью EC-130H антенны образуют сеть вокруг хвостового оперения. Во время холодной войны 43-я эскадрилья РЭБ базировалась в Зембахе, ФРГ, готовясь к выполнению заданий по созданию помех системам связи в случае конфликта с СССР.
The EC-130H "Compass Call" version of the Hercules is used alongside EF-111A Ravens for airborne jamming of enemy air defences through electromagnetic disruption of tactical and command, control and communication systems.
One of the EC-130E "Volant Solo 11" variants in "Rivet Rider" configuration, as used by the 193rd SOW, Philadelphia ANG, to conduct psychological warfare broadcasts - as was demonstrated during the Operation "Urgent Fury" missions conducted in Grenada during 1983
US Navy variants of the Hercules include the EC-130Q, long used by VQ-4 in the TACAMO role but now in course of replacement by Boeing E-6A Hermes. The drogue visible in the lower rear fuselage is not for probe-and-drogue refuelling but is to stabilise the long VLF aerial when it is trailed through the cargo ramp.
Lockheed has proposed a so-called C-130"J" version of the Hercules for USAF modernization. Its most distinctive new feature is the advanced two-pilot flight deck with four multi-function high resolution crystal colour displays and head-up displays for both pilots. Note, in the impression, that the co-pilot's seat has been omitted for clarity.
One of the Marine Corps' KC-130T tankers from VMGR-452, a New York reserve unit based at Stewart ANGB, NY, in the latest all-grey-tone finish.
Prominent red markings on an all-white finish distinguish the Coast Guard aircraft, such as this HC-130H from USCG Clearwater.
Preceding the C-130H transport Hercules into service with the USAF, the HC-130H is used in the Aerospace Rescue and Recovery role, for which it carries special tracking equipment in the fairing above the fuselage. Provision is made for Fulton recovery gear in the nose, but this is not now fitted.
The similar HC-130P has provision for the air-to-air refuelling of helicopters, with hose-drum units in the underwing pods.
One of the MC-130E "Combat Talon I" Hercules of the 7th SOS, equipped for low-altitude deep-penetration missions.