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L.Peacock - B-36: Convair's "Big Stick" /Warbirds/ (1)
The Convair XB-36, serial 42-13570, first flew on 8 August 1946. This unarmed prototype differed from all subsequent examples of the Convair bomber in cockpit configuration.
Early B-36s - this is the last production B-36A - had upward sliding bomb doors, as shown here by the partial obliteration of the "buzz" number by the open portion of the door. The nose marking is that of the 7th Bomb Group (H) at Carswell AFB in 1949, with the black triangle of the 8th AF on the tail.
Первый серийный B-36A, полетевший раньше второго опытного самолета
The first production B-36A, which flew - before the second prototype - on 28 August 1947, featured the new raised cockpit to improve the visibility for the crew.
CONVAIR MODEL 35 (four-engined)
CONVAIR MODEL 35 (six-engined)