Air International 1990-11
The first pre-production model Tupolev Tu-204 made its initial flight at Ulyanovsk at the end of August 1990, 20 months after the prototype flew on 2 January 1989.
An in-flight view of the Northrop-McDonnell Douglas YF-23 on its maiden flight from Edwards AFB on 27 August 1990.
Powered by Soloviev turbofans of about 11,000 lb st (49 kN) each, the Geophysica is a version of the Myassischev M-17, from which it differs in having two engines, with enlarged lateral air intakes and a modified front fuselage with raised canopy line. The wing, with a span of 123 ft (37,5 m), and the tail unit appear to be unchanged from those of the M-17, which is powered by a 15,420 lb st (68,6 kN) Rybinsk (Kolisev) RD-36-51V engine.
The twin-engined Bell 230 intermediate helicopter is to be built at the company’s facility in Canada, where it will be the fifth Bell type in production, joining the 206B Jet Ranger, 206L-3 LongRanger, 212 and 412SP. The Model 230 is an updated version of the Bell 222, to be powered by Allison 250-C30-G2 turboshafts and available in wheeled or skid-gear versions.