Air International 1991-06
J.Fricker - Pakistan's Naval Air Power
For safety, peacetime Alouette III operations are restricted to 25 nm (46 km) from the coast or 70 nm (129 km) if radar and inflatable rescue dinghies are fitted. Two of the helicopters are ASW-capable being equipped with MAD and armed with the Mk 46 torpedo.
An Alouette III of 333 Sqn practices deck landing aboard PNS "Taimur", the former ex-US Navy Gearing class destroyer USS "Epperson", attached to the 25th Pakistan Navy Destroyer Squadron.
The PNA Alouette III fleet flying south of Karachi. Two replacements for accident losses have nose radar fitted and are the rearmost machines in this formation.
An Exocet-armed Sea King flying along a rugged part of the coast bordering the Arabian Sea. In addition to the anti-ship role, these capable helicopters also fly SAR and ASW missions in support of surface units of the Pakistan Navy. The Sea King crews of 111 Sqn unofficially call themselves “The sharks”.
Skilled formation flying over the Arabian Sea by Sea King pilots of 111 Sqn, Pakistan Naval Aviation. The nearest helicopter carries an AM-39 Exocet ASM.
One of the six Westland Sea King Mk 45s seen during manufacturer’s trials before delivery to RNAS Culdrose in 1975. It carries the B-class registration G-17-22.
One of the Pakistan Navy’s four Dassault-Breguet Atlantic patrol aircraft photographed by Peter Steinemann over the Arabian Sea.
Originally flown by Pakistan Air Force crews due to the PNA’s lack of fixed-wing experience, the Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft was first acquired in 1976 and the four machines currently form the backbone of naval air operations. With US Congressional approval, they could be supplemented by three Lockheed P-3C Orions.
Crew complement of 29 Sqn’s Atlantics varies between nine and 14 depending on the mission. This example was pictured at PNS “Mehran”.
With an endurance of some eight and a half hours, the F27 is an ideal surface surveillance platform and is often used as such by the PNA. Its other tasks are aircrew training, VIP flights and logistic support. AR-NZE was the first of two in service.
Formerly operated by Air Queensland in Australia and still bearing that operator’s colours, the PNA's second F27-200, AR-NZQ, was subsequently given a more military appearance with a colour scheme similar to that carried by the Atlantics.