Air International 1992-10
Fighter A to Z
The SEV-1XP, here with the Twin Wasp engine fitted, was the SEV-2XP rebuilt as a single-seater.
The AP-1 closely resembled the P-35, other than in respect of the windscreen and canopy shape.
An example serving with the 31st Pursuit Group.
The P-35A designation was applied by the USAAF to examples of the EP-1 built for Sweden but sequestered after America entered the War.
The P-35 as produced for the USAAC
The S.E.T. XV, built in Romania in 1934 and restricted to a single prototype.
The amphibious SEV-2PA-A. also for the Soviet Union.
The SEV-2PA-L built in 1938 for export to the Soviet Union
The land-based SEV-2PA-L two-seat fighter was built for export to Japan, where it was known as the A8V1.
The two-seat SEV-2XP was the first of the Seversky fighters, derived by Alexander Kartveli from the commercial SEV-3.