Air International 1992-12
U.Ballay - Difficilties ahead for Dasa?
The second EFA development aircraft DA2 pictured at British Aerospace, Warton in August 1992. Germany's withdrawal from the project means Dasa is increasingly becoming a commercially-orientated industrial organisation.
One of the hoped-for successes in the Dasa stable is the Dornier 328 regional airliner. D-CATI in Horizon Air colours is the second pre-production aircraft and this was joined on October 20, 1992 by the third 328 to fly, D-CDOL.
Dasa is involved with the joint German-US X-31 extreme manoeuvrability aircraft programme.
Fokker 70, first project planned following the Dasa-Fokker merger.
A prototype of the BO 108 twin-engined helicopter, recently redesignated EC 155 by Eurocopter, developed using experience from the BO 105 which was the first series-produced helicopter with a hingeless rotor.
"Rockwell"/DASA отказались от использованного на Fantrainer инновационного размещения двигателя в кольцевом канале, ТРДД на Ranger 2000 установлен традиционным образом.
Fanranger is nearing completion and will be entered by Rockwell/Dasa for the US JPATS trainer competition.
Models of the two Regioliner projects which Dasa planned for service in the late-1990s, but has now abandoned.