Air International 1993-11
G.Holdanowicz, W.Matusiak - Farewell to Lims /Veteran & Vintage/
Classic lines of the MiG-17 are displayed in this view of Lim-5, '1717', photographed during its last flight.
Ventral armament tray of the Lim-5, with N-37 (37mm) and NR-23 (23mm) cannons
Cockpit of Lim-5, ‘1717’, typical of that generation’s cramped instrument and control layout.
A farewell wave from the crew of ‘543’ as the SBLim-2M makes a low flypast.
A cloud of dust is raised as the Lis-2 turbojet of SBLim-2M, 522543, is started for the aircraft's final flight.