Air International 1993-11
R.van Woezik - Hellenic Helicopters
In addition to the AB 212ASWs, the Polimiki Naftikon also operates two Electronic Warfare Agustas. This variant is easily recognisable by the nose-mounted radomes as seen on this example in the hangar at Kotroni. The serial numbers of the AB 212EWs are PN 11 and PN 12.
For submarine detection, the AB212 is equipped with a Bendix dunking sonar and search radar.
Both helicopter types of the PN flying together over the Aegean Sea near Kotroni. In 1995 the PN will also operate the S-70B Seahawk beside the Alouettes and the AB 212s.
Simulating its secondary task of SAR, this Alouette III is hovering close to the surface of the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Attica. For rescue purposes the SA 319B is equipped with a hoist on the portside of the cabin.
All the Alouette IIIs of the Hellenic Navy are fitted with flotation gear on the side of the fuselage. Note that on this aircraft (PN 03) the nose-mounted Omera ORB 31 search radar has been omitted.