Air International 2019-11
M.Broadbent - The unmistakeable 747 /Commercial/
Boeing 747-8F flight test aircraft N747EX (c/n 35808) during its first flight in 2009. This aircraft now flies with Cargolux as LX-VCA.
The 747's future is as a high-capacity cargo aircraft. Cargolux uses 14 747-8 Freighters, including LX-VCB (c/n 35806).
British Airways operates more 747s than any other operator, with a fleet of more than 30, including 747-436 G-CIVB (c/n 25811) in the retro Negus livery, pictured at Heathrow.
Lufthansa still operates 13 747-400s including 747-430 D-ABVM (c/n 29101) and plans to phase them out by 2025, although it is committed to its fleet of 19 747-8Is.