Aviation Historian 23
Another unusual creation from the boys at RNAS Abbotsinch, makers of the “Vixettes” seen in TAH21. The front end of this one is a de Havilland Sea Venom, and the back end looks like another, minus canopy and plus dummy jetpipe; but what about the rest? the fin/rudder looks to us like half a Fairey Gannet tailplane...
Plan-view comparison between Short Belfast C.1 (in black) and Airbus A400M Atlas (in cyan), demonstrating how similar in size and general layout the two types are. The A400M’s four 11,000 h.p. Europrop TP400 turboprops and eight-bladed Ratier propellers, compared to the Belfast's 5,730 h.p. Rolls-Royce Tynes, provide the new transport with considerably better performance, particularly in terms of speed and range with payload.