Air International 2013-01
M.Broadbent - Next-Gen Hawk. Training to Fight /Military/
The two-ship formation breaks up as one plane peels off in dramatic style.
Students and instructor pilots walk to their awaiting Hawk T2s on the flight line at RAF Valley.
Routine maintenance underway inside No.IV(R) Squadron's hangar, which is part of the Moran building at RAF Valley.
Hawk T2 ZK022/'M' sits on jacks during routine maintenance.
Pilots and lineys (the colloquial term for a flight line operative) conduct flying control checks.
Hawk T2 ZK026/'Q' lifts off the runway at RAF Valley.
Night time ops.
A student pilot prepares to get in the cockpit as his liney looks on.
Hawk T2 ZK031 seen at low level in the Mach loop in northern Wales.
Ascent lineys pull Hawk T2 ZK026/'Q' onto the flight line.
The new Moran building was purpose-built for the Hawk T2 at RAF Valley.
Front cockpit of the Hawk T2.
Rear cockpit displays of the Hawk T2.
View through the head-up display during a night time sortie.
Cockpit set-up of the Hawk T2 flying traing device.
Flying training devices offer a step up in realism, constituting a fully-representative T2 cockpit for practising checks and procedures, and rehearsing missions covering the majority of UK airspace and airfields.
1) Panoramic view of the full motion simulator display. 2) The Hawk T2 full mission simulator. 3) The instructor operating station for the Hawk T2 full mission simulator.