Air International 2013-05
R.Niccoli - A Gunship from Italy /Military/
A GAU-23 30mm Bushmaster cannon.
MC-27J mission systems are built on RORO pallets fitted to the cargo floor. One pallet comprises a work station with two control consoles (at the rear) while the second has a 30mm GAU-23 Bushmaster automatic cannon, complete with 500 rounds, and a control console for the gunner.
A GAU-23 on Alenia's MC-27J test aircraft.
Two different 10-tube launcher systems are under consideration for the MC-27J: the Derringer Door (right) and Gunslinger (left).
Рисунок самолета Аления Аэрмакки MC-27J в варианте штурмовика типа "Ганшип"
A computer-generated image of an MC-27J showing the 30mm Bushmaster cannon in operation.