Air International 2013-05
D.Armstrong - Cathay Confronts Challenges /Commercial/
Cathay was founded in 1946 and started operations with a single DC-3 called Betsy, on charter and freight flights.
All six of Cathay's North American routes, four to the US and two to Canada, are now served by Boeing 777-300ERs.
A crucial element of Cathay's operation is a reputation for comfort and style in business class where the seats on Boeing 777-300ERs lie flat, are 82 inches long and encased in moulded shells.
Hong-Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways operates a fleet of 37 Airbus A330-300s.
Cathay is accelerating the retirement of its ageing, fuel-hungry, Boeing 747-400s.
Cathay's first class cabin onboard a Boeing 747-400.