Air International 2013-06
M.Ayton - On the Perch /Military/
MQ-8B Fire Scout BuNo 167784 loaded with two three-tube rocket launchers each holding three inert WGU-59/B APKWS rockets.
A Fire Scout 'on the perch’ immediately prior to landing at a land base in Afghanistan.
MQ-8B Fire Scout BuNo 168442 approaches the landing spot at Webster Field, Maryland.
Close-up shot of the three-tube launcher fitted to an MQ-8B, and loaded with three 2.75-inch WGU-59/B test rockets.
Two Fire Scouts chained to the aft landing deck of USS Halyburton awaiting flight operations.
Fire Scout operators in the training simulator located at NAS Jacksonville, Florida.
Cutaway diagram showing the main components of an MQ-8B Fire Scout.
This diagram of a WGU-59/B APKWS shows the main components of the rocket system now carried by Fire Scout.