Air International 2013-06
B.Hales-Dutton - Thatcher's Unfinished Business /Commercial/
Privatisation of British Airways took place in 1987. A flagship of Thatcher's policy.
Virgin Atlantic operated its inaugural service between Gatwick and Newark-New York with Boeing 747-200 G-VIRG 'Maiden Voyager' on June 22, 1984. A 'slik' competitor for the then nationalised British Airways.
Virgin Atlantic's 'Maiden Voyager' on a stand at London Gatwick in 1986.
British Midland doubled its business within five years of starting UK trunk routes from Heathrow to Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Margaret Thatcher's government allowed British Midland's appeal, against the CAA's decision to reject the carrier's bid to compete against British Airways on UK trunk routes to Heathrow, to go ahead.