Air International 2013-06
R.Trevino - GlobalRanger /Commercial/
One option for operators of the Bell 429 GlobalRanger is rear clamshell doors.
The 429's rotors look like a four-blade rotor, but it is two two-blade yokes stacked on top of each other. Each main rotor blade is connected to a blade grip assembly by two bolts.
The Bell 429's main rotor blades are a hybrid carbon-fibre/epoxy structure and the leading edges are protected by full-length nickel-cobalt electroformed abrasion strips.
Bell 429 C-FTNB on a demonstration flight from Alicante, Spain.
The Bell 429's passenger/cargo compartment occupies the middle section of the cabin and has a volume of 130 ft3. The aft cabin has an additional volume of 74 ft3, giving a total continuous cabin volume of 204 ft3.
Three 8x6 inch Rogerson Krotas colour liquid crystal display multi-function displays dominate the 429's cockpit.
The Bell 429's standard side doors can be replaced with an optional, larger sliding door that provides a 52 inch non-obstructed opening - useful for operations with an external hoist.