Air International 2013-08
R.Niccoli - Working for the Future /Military/
The AW101 is the new CSAR helicopter scheduled to enter AMI service in 2015 with 9 Stormo at Grazzanise AB, replacing the AB212ICO.
An MQ-1C Predator inside a shelter at Herat, Afghanistan.
Italy has signed contracts for 96 Typhoons (from Tranche 1, 2 and 3A), but the single-seat Tranche 1 aircraft will be retired from AMI service, and possibly offered on the export market.
The T-346A advanced jet trainer will enter operational service with the 61° Stormo in 2014.
The AMI has acquired six MQ-9A Reapers which were first committed to combat operations over Libya during operation Unified Protector.
The AMI supports the ISAF mission in Afghanistan with a small force of AMX fighters for close air support and reconnaissance missions.
The AMI will receive 13 HH-139 SAR helicopters to replace HH-3F Pelicans.
In 2012 the Italian MoD leased a Gulfstream III/AML from Lockheed Martin for a period of two years to assess the capability of the system.
The AMI transport fleet is heavily involved in supporting the Italian contingent in Afghanistan.
Italy is due to receive 60 F-35A Lightning IIs.
The F-35 is the most important acquisition programme for the Italian Air Force, which is due to acquire 60 F-35As and 15 F-35Bs.
KC-767A tankers form the core of the AMI's air-refuelling and strategic transport capabilities.