Air International 2013-08
K.van der Mark - Never Change a Winning Formula /Military/
Volkel-based 312 and 313 Squadrons operated four F-16AMs from Leeuwarden for the duration of the exercise, enabling the pilots to plan, brief, debrief and exchange experiences face-to-face with the other participants.
Leeuwarden-based 322 and 323 TACTES Squadrons hosted the exercise and participated in the daily missions with eight F-16AMs. Four are seen here joining the KDC-10 tanker over the North Sea before commencing the fight.
Belgian F-16A FA-110 has tail art to mark the squadron's 70th anniversary.
Mirage 2000Cs from BA115 Orange-Caritat-based EC 2/5 'Ile-de-France' were first-timers in the exercise.
Ground crew service a Mirage F1CR from ER 2/33 'Savoie'.
Swedish Gripens were the only participating aircraft from a Partnership for Peace nation.
The C-130H of 334 Squadron was usually the first aircraft to taxi for take-off.
Jamming was undertaken by a LearJet 36A from Skyline Aviation during the first week of the exercise.