Air International 2013-09
N.Pittaway - Flight Training Down Under /Military/
Seen in the old house colours, VH-YCF was one of the original batch of aircraft purchased new by BAE Systems in 1991.
Students and instructors taxi their CT-4Bs out to Tamworth's purpose-built parallel runways for a morning training flight.
Painted in the new simplified colour scheme, CT-4B VH-YCV undergoes maintenance at Tamworth. BAE Systems is almost completely self-sufficient with regard to maintenance.
The Pacific Aerospace CT-4B Airtrainer is not a new aircraft, but it is perfectly suited to the flight training task and is fully aerobatic.
With the flat countryside of the Tamworth training area below and empty skies above, a BAE Systems instructor flies the CT-4B from the right seat.
A student from the Royal Brunei Air Force is pictured with his BAE Systems Australian instructor before a training flight.
BAE Systems has acquired CT-4Bs from a number of sources and has brought them all up to an identical, if somewhat basic, cockpit configuration.