Air International 2014-01
M.Ayton - Preparing to face The Burble /Military/
MQ-8C BuNo 168455/VX’ (c/n EMD-1) parked on the flight line at Point Mugu.
The MQ-8C is capable of a variety of missions including vertical replenishment.
MQ-8C will undertake its maiden ship embarkation aboard the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Dunham (DDG-109) at the end of next summer.
Fire Scout performs its ISR tasking over land and sea.
An MQ-8C is required to remain on station at 150 nautical miles from the ship for eight hours.
Mounted on the forward fuselage of the MQ-8C, FLIR Systems BRITE Star II Multi-Sensor Targeting Imager is the baseline payload for the new Fire Scout.