Air International 2014-06
R.Niccoli - Training to Fly, Training to Fight /Military/
An unspecified engine problem has grounded the AMI's T-260Bs.
Fast jet students remain at Lecce for training on the FT-339C.
Under the AMI's new training system, as before, students selected for fast jets train on the FT-339C.
M346 prepares to land at hcshjczhjchjz airfield.
The future of AMI fast-jet training: a T-346A alongside a model of the M-345.
На M-346 курсант располагается в перед ней, а инструктор - в задней, немного приподнятой кабине. Обе кабины - идентичны, их приборное оборудование построено по принципу "стеклянной кабины" и совместимо с приборами ночного видения и нашлемной системой целеуказания. По центру расположены три больших цветных жидкокристаллических индикатора.
There’s close cockpit commonality between the T-346A and the AMI’s frontline fast jets.
The AMI’s revised training system is intended to reduce the costs of training pilots on multi-engine types like the C-27J.
Italy's national aerobatic team, the Frecce Tricolori, will be the first unit in the AMI to fly the M-345.
While the M-345 appears similar to the M-311, it will have a new engines and avionics.
The veteran U-208 in 2013 and 2014 has taken on the first phase of AMI pilot training.