Air International 2014-07
M.Broadbent - Decisions Decisions /Military/
The MoD faces decisions about what it’s going to do with its MQ-9 Reapers once they are withdrawn from Afghanistan.
A No.39 Squadron pilot remotely controls a Reaper from Creech AFB during a training sortie over the west coast of America.
The Tarantula Hawk takes off vertically and hovers to get a clear view of the ground ahead of troops.
The BAE Systems Taranis during trials at Warton.
The PZL-Swidnik Solo will be used as the concept capability demonstrator for the Royal Navy’s TMUAS programme.
A Royal Artillery soldier launches a Desert Hawk UAV in Helmand, Afghanistan.
WK450 «Вотчкипер» выпускает британское отделение компании «Талес» по израильской лицензии
A Thales Watchkeeper during flight trials at Parc Aberporth in Wales.