Air International 2014-07
N.Pittaway - C295 FITS the MPA Mission /Military/
Four countries, including Chile, now use the C295MPA, with Airbus Defence and Space forecasting a need for 152 MPA aircraft in the next ten years.
The Mk 46 torpedo is the C295MPA’s principal anti-submarine warfare weapon.
The MBDA Marte Mk 2/S anti-ship missile was first carried by the C295MPA in 2013.
Winglets on the C295W offer a 3% to 6% improvement in overall fuel consumption over the baseline aircraft.
Each operator workstation features a 20in (50.8cm) display screen, larger than that in earlier C295s.
The Fully Integrated Tactical System (FITS) combines information from onboard sensors, different types of which can be installed depending on customer requirements.