Air International 2014-09
R.Niccoli - More with Less /Military/
An HH-3F from 83° Gruppo SAR taxiing at Cervia after a training mission.
A FLIR Systems Star Satire III EO/IR imaging turret is mounted underneath the HH-139A’s nose.
The HH-139A’s landing gear is higher and stronger than the AW139’s and protects the FLIR and other equipment fitted to the lower part of the helicopter
An aircrew on the flight line at Cervia. Note the self-defence suite sensors on the tail of this HH-139A.
The HH-139A's glass cockpit is dominated by five multi-function colour displays.
The HH-139A is equipped with a 272kg/600lb hoist on the right-hand side.
One of the TH-500S detached from 72° Stormo to 15° Stormo, which are used to aid pilots' proficiency and for liaison flights.