Air International 2014-09
A.Mladenov, K.Grozev - European Transport Training /Military/
Bulgarian MiG-29s provided simulated threats for participating aircrews to practise threat evasion manoeuvring. This one is over the Thracian plain near the city of Stara Zagora.
A Belgian Air Force C-130H departing the combined air operations mission; seconds later it entered a steep climb-out.
After a ten-aircraft combined air operations mission, an Italian Air Force C-130J rolls out ready to turn off the Plovdiv runway - followed by Luftwaffe C-160D on finals.
The EATT exercise is Europe's only multinational training opportunity for military transport aircraft operators.
The Lithuanian C-27J performs a tactical departure at Plovdiv.
A Bulgarian C-27J crew approaches the simulated dirt strip at drop zone ‘Africa’ for a tactical landing and cargo off-load.