Air International 2014-11
A.Rupprecht - Vigorous Dragon /Military/
This J-10A carries a PL-11, based on the Italian Aspide, and a PL-8B short-range air-to-air missile, a licence-built Python III.
J-10As taxying at Yangcun Air Base.
J-10A prototypes 1003 to 1006 in their dark camouflage and the first pre-series 1013 and 1016 in their light two-tone scheme together on the FTTC ramp at Jiugucheng during the flight trials.
The K/JDC01 laser designator pod used for the LS-500J laser-guided bombs carried by the J-10 is seen here on this CAC-owned test aircraft, CAC 95613
There are rumours an upgraded, semi-stealthy multi-role variant designated J-10C featuring enhanced avionics and other improvements is under development.
A rare photograph of four J-10As flying in formation.
An operational 24th Division J-10AS, with the twin-seater's large bubble canopy, avionics spine and the rarely seen open chaff-and-flare boxes on the rear fuselage clearly in evidence.
The J-10 has a modern glass cockpit with one wide-angle head-up display and three multi-function displays. The improved J-10B features larger screens and a wide-angle holographic HUD.
Reportedly taken in the 1980s, this photo shows a Chinese delegation including the J-10's chief designer Song Wencong (fourth from right) in front of an IAI Lavi prototype.