Air International 2015-01
N.Pittaway - Tanker Turns the Corner /Military/
French Air Force Rafales were the first non-RAAF aircraft to refuel from the KC-30A over Iraq.
A330 MRTT может брать на борт больше топлива, грузов или пассажиров, чем его конкуренты. KC-30 может перевозить 32 грузовые палеты (поддона) типа 463L, тогда как Boeing KC-46A - только 19.
RAAF Super Hornets tanking from the KC-30A during their journey to the Middle East.
Almost 300 connections with receiver aircraft have tested the upgraded boom refuelling system.
A KC-30A at Al Minhad after returning from an Operation Okra mission.
An air refuelling operator refuels two F/A-18Fs over Iraq.