Air International 2015-02
H.-P.Grolleau - Tigre's Progress /Military/
The Tigre HAP and the EC725 Caracal are the most modern types in service with the 4e RHFS.
Tigre HAD demonstrator s/n 6001 F-ZWPB has been heavily involved in trial programmes including the RPM rocket.
Four Hellfire training rounds mounted on a Tigre HAD at Le Luc.
A rocket launcher (right) and modified rocket launcher with a high-speed cameras (left) on Tigre HAD demonstrator s/n 6001. The trial fit was developed by DGA EV engineers.
Only the Tigre HAD is fitted with these two identification friend or foe' interrogator blade antennas.
Eight Hellfire missile firing markings adorn Tigre HAD demonstrator s/n 6001 F-ZWPB.
Two Tigre HADs at Valence during their delivery flight from Le Luc to Phalsbourg.
4e RHFS Tigres were the first to operate with an external fuel tank.