Air International 2015-02
I.Harding - Dutch Neptune's Return /Military/
The Dutch NFH bristles with capability with its main external features, HELRAS and the nose-mounted forward looking infrared turret, visible in this close-up view.
Neptune Flight departs RNAS Culdrose to complete their FOST ASW/ASuW exercise, alongside 824 NAS and other surface/sub-surface vessels.
The NH90 and its highly trained aircrew of three is most at home operating at low level over the sea.
Low-level NAVEX complete, Cornwall's historic Godrevy Lighthouse provides the stunning backdrop for NH90 N317.
The three deployed NH90s complete their final pre-flight checks prior to rotor start-up.
Approximately 50% of the deployed DHC force was made up of maintenance personnel, who worked 24/7 to ensure all operational objectives were met.
NH90 N317 with its three-person aircrew - comprising pilot, TACCO and SENSO.
Cornwall's weather provided the additional challenge RNN aircrew demanded to test their aircraft.
A crew prepares for an ASW/ASuW FOST exercise.