Air International 2015-03
H.-P.Grolleau - Modernising the ALAT /Military/
Compared with the Puma, the new Caiman brings massively uprated capabilities to the French Army.
One of the first NH90 Caiman crews at Phalsbourg just a few days before its deployment to Mali.
A new NH90 simulator is now operational at Phalsbourg
Gazelles and Tigres share the ALAT's attack missions.
The highly successful Gazelle, here with special forces snipers at the door, will prove hard to replace.
A 5e RHC Puma about to land in a clearing.
French Air Force and Army Pumas are in service with the Groupe Interarmees d’Helicopteres, a joint Armee de I'Air/ALAT unit that specialises in anti-terrorist missions.
Several Pumas are receiving a limited upgrade so they can soldier on until retirement in the next decade.
Tigre HAPs are due to be upgraded to HAD standard.
The new Tigre HAD has already been deployed to a combat theatre of operation, in Africa.
Special forces commandos at the door of this 4e RHFS Caracal, flying at very low level.
All Fennecs have now been upgraded to AS555UN2 standard for instrument flying rules training.