Air International 2015-04
A.Mladenov, K.Grozev - Ukraine's Asymmetric Battlefield /Military/
The only An-26 lost in the war was reported on July 14, 2014 near the Izvarino bor­der checkpoint in the Lugansk region. It was hit by a SAM while conducting a resupply mission, claimed to have been performed at supposedly safe, high altitude. Two of the eight people on board were killed in the crash.
Su-25M1 '08' took a hit during a combat mission near Starobeshevo (reportedly a mobile SAM system). Pilot, Capt Vladislav Voloshin, ejected and was recovered by Ukrainian troops.
Su-25M1 '04' was gunned down on July 23, 2014 while attacking separatist positions at Saur-Mogila height. Its wreckage was found not far from the city of Shakhtyorsk in the Donetsk region.
A separatist fighter posing with a fragment of fin from a downed Su-25 on July 23, 2014.
A two-seat Su-25UB as­signed to the 299th TAB taxing out, armed with 250kg high-explosive bombs.
This Su-27 Flanker assigned to the 831'st BTA at Mirogorod was seen at the beginning of hostilities flying show-of-force missions over separatist-held territories.
The crash site of Il-76MD Can­did ‘76777’, shot down by two shoulder-launched missiles on June 14, 2014, while on approach to Lugansk Airport.
This Tu-143 UAV was discovered in a field near the city of Shakhtyorsk on August 1, 2014 by separatists. It is not clear if the UAV had been shot down by the rebels or crashed because of system failure.
An antiquated Tu-143 Reis UAV was actively used by the Ukrainian military for reconnaissance missions over territories controlled by separatists and saturated with air defence weapons. The vehicle seen has its Soviet-era five-pointed red star hastily painted over before being declared ready for operational deployment.
Покидание экипажем горящего самолета-разведчика Ан-30
The ill-fated An-30B ‘80’ had just been hit by a SAM near Slavyansk on June 6, 2014 while performing an artillery fire correction mission, with two crew members seen escaping from the burning aircraft.
Crash site of An-30B '80' near the city of Slavyansk where it was gunned down on June 6, 2014.
This bomb-laden Su-24M Fencer '66' is from the 7th TAB home-based at Starokonstantinov. A handful of airworthy aircraft were involved in operations employing unguided munitions only.
MiG-29 ‘02’ from the 40th TAB, home-based at Vasilkov near Kiev, was lost in action on August 7, 2014 near Yenakievo in the Lugansk region.
A MiG-29 from the 204th TAB formerly based at Belbek in the Crimean Peninsula, seen armed with R-73 air-to-air missiles. As many as 37 aircraft in dismantled form were returned to Ukraine in May and June 2014, soon after the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. The first of these was returned to the air on July 31 2014 in Kuibakino.
A B-8M1 rocket pack used to fire 80mm rockets in front of MiG-29 ‘02’ that was gunned down near Yenakievo on August 7, 2014.
The crash site of MiG-29 '02' downed near Rozovka village in the Yenakievo area on August 7, 2014.