Air International 2015-04
R.Niccoli - Avanti in Service /Military/
I-ENAV is one of four P180s operated by the Italian national flight assistance agency ENAV to support the Italian air navigation services network.
The state police's PS-B15 at Pratica di Mare, where many of the state-operated Avantis are based.
The P180 MPA will feature a greater wing span and take-off weight.
The Corpo Forestale's P180 has a VIP configuration, but also features a FLIR turret and can be configured as an air ambulance.
The Guardia Costiera Avanti II pictured during a training flight off Sicily.
Personnel working on the P&WC PT6 turboprop engines in the 14° Stormo maintenance hangar at Pratica di Mare.
The Avanti II cockpit is dominated by the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics and three large colour multifunction display screens.
Many Avantis used by the Italian military and other state bodies are configured for VIP flights.