Air International 2015-05
E.Calcagno - Tanque /Military/
Refuelling in the Dragonfly is challenging for the pilot because of the restricted view caused by the aircraft's side-by-side seat layout.
Each A-37B received 454 US gallons (1,719 litres) of fuel during each 'wet' contact.
Smooth handling is needed when preparing to make contact with the refuelling drogue.
Three refuelling contacts are made by each Dragonfly pilot - one ‘dry’ and two ‘wet’.
The FAU A-37Bs and FAA KC-130H TC-69 at Base Aerea Mario Walter Parallada during a Tanque exercise.
Based in central Uruguay, the IA-58A Pucaras can reach the country’s borders within half an hour.
Pucaras ready for departure ahead of an air interception exercise.
Primarily trainers but with a secondary attack role, PC-7Us are locally designated AT-92s.
The Argentine Air Force has been sending its two KC-130Hs to Uruguay for Tanque exercises since 2003.