Air International 2015-12
A.Radic - Live Fire /Military/
MiG-29 RF-92179 loaded with four SAB-250 bombs which are used as targets for infrared air-to-air missiles. The primary use of the SAB-250 bomb is to illuminate terrain for reconnaissance, however they are also a practical target solution.
Russian-Serbian Mi-8MT Hip crews fired 80mm S-8 rockets to provide air support to combat search and rescue helicopters.
The infrared-guided R-73 Archer missile is the primary weapon for a MiG-29 pilot during a within visual range engagement because of its agility and ability to acquire a target during manoeuvre.
The underwing pylon of MiG-29UB RF-90861 loaded with an an R-73 missile. Two-seat MiG-29s are not fitted with a radar so their ability to launch air-to-air missiles is limited to infrared-guided R-73 Archers and not semi-active radar- guided R-27