Air International 2016-01
A.Rupprecht - China's Dream /Commercial/
One of the five ARJ-21-700 test aircraft, B-938L (c/n 105). This regional jet is long delayed; the initial plan was for the aircraft to enter service in 2010.
The first flight test COMAC C919 after roll-out. Its maiden flight is planned for the second quarter of 2016.
Chief engineer Jiang Liping stated during the unveiling ceremony that the final assembly of the C919 prototype came together more smoothly than the ARJ-21.
The fanfare at COMAC’s Shanghai Pudong facility in November 2015 reflected the wider significance of the C919 to China and its aspirations to become a major aerospace player.
Upwards-raked wingtips are one of several elements of the C919 that make it visually reminiscent of Western aircraft.
Close-up of the auxiliary power unit.
The centre fuselage and wing box are some of the many components in the C919 that are supplied by the Xi'an Aircraft Company.