Air International 2016-05
H.-P.Grolleau - Airlifters /Military/
The difference in size between the Transall and the Atlas is obvious in this shot.
A new, but already familiar, shape on the ramp at BA123 Orleans.
A French Air Force EC725 Caracal loaded onto an Atlas at BA120 Cazaux. The ability to quickly airlift special forces helicopters to hot spots is a welcome capability.
An armoured vehicle, is precisely marshalled into the Atlas' large cargo hold.
An A400M is marshalled onto its parking space for the night at Subang Air Base, Kuala Lumpur. Two engines have already been switched off.
Paratroopers get ready for a drop from 12,000ft at BA123 Orleans.
Even some of the largest French Army vehicles, such as this infantry armoured combat vehicle, can be carried by the A400M.
Cold weather trials proved successful.
During the mission around the world, the Armee de I’Air took the opportunity to test Atlas accessibility to a number of French bases, including BA186 Noumea.
Armee de I'Air A400M 0008/F-RBAB photographed over a typical coastal landscape in Djibouti.
A400M 0014/F-RBAF on the ramp at Subang,
An A400M being refuelled at BA123 Orleans.
All A400M maintenance procedures were tested by the CEAM and maintenance task cards were produced by its specialists for use by front-line operators.
A CEAM expert at work. The centre was the first military A400M operator in the world.
The first paratrooper trials were carried out, while air-delivery capabilities will soon be expanded.
Ready to jump from the rear ramp at 12,000ft.