Air International 2016-07
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Tigers over Spain /Military/
Two Mi-24V Hind-Es came from the Czech Air Force 221 Squadron; the unit received the trophy for best-looking Tiger aircraft for the magnificent scheme applied to one of the helicopters.
The Belgian Air Force’s 31 Squadron won its ninth Silver Trophy, recognising the best squadron during the exercise.
The Royal Norwegian Air Force 338 Skvadron based at Main Air Station Orland decorated two of the six F-16s it sent to NTM 2016 with special tail art.
The Turk Hava Kuwetleri usually attends the NTM with spectacularly decorated aircraft, as was the case this year with this example from 192 Filo.
Ala 15 is one of the few Spanish units that has a tradition of decorating its aircraft. On the occasion of the 2016 NTM, EF-18M C15-14/15-01 received these special markings.
The Aeronautica Militare 21 ° Gruppo won the award for best-looking Tiger uniform, applied to one of the two AB212ICOs it sent to Spain.
Two Aviation Legere de I’Armee de Terre (ALAT) Gazelles were sent to Zaragoza, each of which wore a different Tiger scheme.
The pair of ALAT Gazelles came from 3eme RHC based at BA d'Etain-Rouvres.
The Aeronavale 4 Flotille from BAN Lann-Bihoue deployed one of its E-2C Hawkeyes in this stunning paint scheme. Engine problems meant this was temporarily substituted for some missions by another aircraft.
A scheme applied to this Armee de I’Air Mirage 2000D from ECE 1/30 at Mont-de-Marsan commemorates the personnel killed during Tactical Leadership Programme 2015/01 in Spain.