Air International 2016-12
J.Kraak - Desert Puma /Military/
One of the main challenges for the DETHM Air was dust in the open air, as is clearly visible on this picture taken at Madama, EH 1/67.
A Puma Pirate with the 20mm GIAT M621 cannon on a training mission in the south of France.
The first EH 1/44 ‘Solenzara’ Puma flying over BA126 Solenzara on the island of Corsica.
Maintenance at Cazaux is carried out in a state-of-the-art hangar, a contrast to the austere operations in the field carried out when the unit was in Africa, although DETHM Air did receive two P20 mobile hangars.
Puma Pirate from EH1/67 working with a JTAC from EE 2/2.
Both Pumas of the DETHM Air at N’Djamena in Chad. EH 1/67
Both DETHM Air Pumas are refuelled by a Transall C-160 on their way back to N'Djamena after the end of their deployment at Madama. EH 1/67
Close-up of the 7.62mm MAG-58 machine gun installed on the SA330.
The 20mm GIAT M621 cannon installed on the SA330 gives the helicopter its Pirate name.
A Puma on the EH 1/67 ramp with a MAG-58 installed at the left door. The MAG-58 can turn on its base, so the Puma can fly with its doors closed when the machine gun is retracted.
The restricted view from the gunner's position behind the 20mm cannon.
A sniper from CPA 20 with his HK417 rifle concentrating prior to his mission.