Air International 2017-06
R.Niccoli - Army Wings /Military/
The Shadow 200’s primary mission system is an Israel Aerospace Industries POP300, which is formed by a forward-looking infrared camera, a daylight TV camera (equipped with an optional near-infrared filter) and a laser pointer.
One of the Shadow 200 UAS ready to be launched from its launcher system.
A Shadow 200 UAS system operator at work inside a ground control station.
The two aircraft types operated by 28° Gruppo Squadroni ‘Tucano' taken in-flight is an uncommon sight, considering their quite different performances and flying qualities.
One of the three Do 228s operated by 28° Gruppo Squadroni seen while flying near Viterbo.
A Do 228 while taxiing. The black radome on the nose protects the antenna of the King KWX-56 radar, which has weather and mapping capability.
The Do 228 cockpit clearly shows its age, as it is dominated by analogic instruments.
A VC-180 overflying Lake Bolsena, north of Viterbo. The operational missions of this type are authorised only by the Army General Staff.
Two VC-180s inside the Tucano’ hangar at Viterbo Air Base. Most of the technical and support activity on these aircraft are assigned to Piaggio Aerospace.