Air International 2018-01
R.Niccoli - Blue Flag /Military/
F-15C Baz 840, marked with three and a half Syrian Air Force roundels each denoting an aerial victory (two MiG-23s, one MiG-21 and a shared MiG-23) from the 1980s, on take-off from Ovda Air Base during Exercise Blue Flag 2017. The aircraft is carrying an IAI-Elta electronic countermeasures pod on station 3.
A Sily Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej Block 52+ F-16C taxis by an Israeli Air and Space Force, 122 Squadron, G550 Nahshon-Eitam Conformal Airborne Early Warning aircraft. This shot shows the conformal cheeks housing antenna of the Elta EL/W-2085 phased array airborne early warning radar.
Elliniki Polemiki Aeroporia Block 52+ F-16C 001 inside one of the hardened aircraft shelter sites at Ovda Air Base.
One of six F-16I Sufa fighters deployed to Ovda from 107 'Knights of the Orange Tail' Squadron' from Hatzerim Air Base.
A G550 Nachshon-Shavit Special Electronic Missions Aircraft, a type also operated by 122 squadron based at Nevatim Air Base, takes off from Ovda.
C-130J Super Hercules KC-3806 was the first Indian military aircraft to participate in Israel's Exercise Blue Flag.