Air International 2018-01
I.Harding - Carrier and wing work-up /Military/
Merlin HM2s prepare to touch down on HMS Seahawk's flight deck attended by Royal Navy flight deck handlers.
A typical flight deck scene of the future with Merlin HM2s and an F-35, in this case a Ground Training Aid.
Two F-35B Ground Training Aids, a Merlin HM2 and two Sea Harrier FA2s on the dummy deck, dubbed HMS Seahawk, during Exercise Kernow Flag.
A Merlin HM2 assigned to 820 Naval Air Squadron with HMS Queen Elizabeth titles.
An F-35 Ground Training Aid (GTA) is towed into position on deck by Royal Navy flight deck handlers. Built of fibre-glass, GTAs are dubbed faux fighters and enable handlers to get used to the size and weight of a real F-35B; each GTA is fitted with water tanks to simulate fuel and weapons loads between 16 and 24 tonnes. Four are assigned to the School of Flight Deck Operations.