Air International 2018-01
E.Calcagno - Highwaymen /Military/
An FAU UH-1H Huey approaches to land with a C212 Aviocar parked on the circular section of the road also used by the Dragonflies to park overnight.
Dragonfly FAU282 lifts off from Ruta 9. Adjacent to the road, in the background, is the squadron's communication hut.
A technician refuels one of the A-37B's wing tip 75 imperial gallon tanks over the wing.
A-37B FAU 279 flares prior to landing on Ruta Nacional No. 9.
After missions, the A-37Bs parked on a circular hardstand at the east end of the runway. All pilots flew without squadron patches on their flight suits and carried their service issued 9mm pistols.
A-37B FAU 279 seen on short finals to runway 03 on Ruta 9. Pilots new to highway operations, were made aware of the possibility of turbulence created because of the close proximity of a nearby forest.
A-37B FAU 279 ready to go with green air inlet screens for the GE J-85-17A turbojets engines fitted to prevent the possibility of debris ingestion on the unprepared runway.