Air International 2019-02
P.Butowski - Su-57 slowed down? /Military/
This landing shot of prototype Su-57, T-50-8, shows how slender the main fuselage is.
Prototype Su-57, T-50-5, side number 055 painted with the latest camouflage scheme, seen in the spring of 2018.
Perhaps the most promising Russian military aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-57, is accomplishing testing and entering serial production in its initial version. In the middle of this decade, a modernised version will be created powered by new-generation engines.
A close-up shot of the forward fuselage of Su-57 prototype T-50-11, side number 511, equipped with a production standard sensor suite.
A part-pixel camouflage scheme applied to T-50-9, side number 509, seen at Zhukovsky.
Still frames from an official Russian Ministry of Defence video showing a Su-57 launching a Kh-59MK2 stand-off missile.
Su-57 T-50-9 was one of two deployed to Syria in February 2018; the aircraft is seen taxying at Hmeimim Air Base without corner reflectors fitted.
The author's graphic showing the location of the Su-57's various sensors.