Air International 2019-02
R.Niccoli - Across generations /Military/
A Marina Militare AV-8B on short finals as two Eurofighters arrive in Amendola’s pattern, This shot reflects the mix of legacy aircraft participating in the TLP 2018-04 course.
A selection of legacy aircraft parked on the flight line at Amendola.
F-35A MM 7357/32-07 lands on Amendola's 8,700 feet runway 29 following a local mission.
F-35A MM 7357/32-07 takes off from Amendola with afterburner engaged; 40,000lb of thrust generated by the Pratt & Whitney F135 turbofan engine.
Crew chiefs wait alongside their respective F-35A while the pilots run through final system checks outside the barns at Amendola.