Air International 2019-07
B.Taghvaee - Israel's Cypriot training /Military/
Israeli Air Force 109 'The Valley Squadron’ based at Ramat David Air Base participated in Iniochos 2019 with six Block 30 F-16Ds. It is understood that the training undertaken in Greece helped prepare the aircrews for an airstrike against an IRGC-run rocket and ballistic missile factory in Masyaf, Syria on April 13, 2019.
Egoz commandos board a C-130H Karnaf for their flight back to Israel.
Ya'sur 2025 040 landing at Akamas carrying a Land Rover Defender and Egoz commandos.
One of three AH-64Ds involved in exercises IASON 2019 and Nikoklis Down 2019 loaded with two 230-gallon external tanks, CATM-114K Hellfire and Spike NLOS captive training missiles.
One of two KC-130Hs arrived at Pathos on May 20, 2019 with Egoz commandos on board.