Air International 2019-08
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Generation integration /Military/
Poland could soon become the eleventh member country in the NATO Tactical Leadership Programme, based on information announced during TLP 19-2.
The Elliniki Polemiki Aeroporia (Hellenic Air Force) is a regular participant in TLP courses. Course 19-2, included participation by Block 50 F-16-equipped 541 and 347 Mira based at Nea Anchialos.
The two Eurofighter-equipped Ejercito del Aire fighter wings, Ala 11 from Moron and the Albacete-resident Ala 14, participated in course 19-2.
Support aircraft flying on TLP course 19-2 included an Ejercito del Aire Falcon 20ECM electronic warfare and jamming aircraft.
Two crews from Ala 23 based at Talavera qualified in opposing force operations and flew daily missions with their veteran, yet capable modernized F-5Ms.
TLP course 19-2 included participation of Ejercito del Aire CASA C101s and Northrop F-5M flying as part of the Red Air force.
TLP's current priority is to integrate fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft to meet the training requirements of their pilots. US Air Force F-35A Lightning IIs participated in one of the 12 missions of TLP course 19-2.
Both of F-35As, home-based at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, flew to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany after participating in a single TLP mission on June 11, 2019.
F-35A 17-5239/HL takes off from Albacete's runway 27 for a combat search and rescue mission. By 2020, participation of fifth-generation F-35s in combined air operations will be common during TLP courses.