Air International 2019-11
R.Niccoli - Diavoli Rossi /Military/
Dolomite backdrop, the mountains of north east Italy.
The BOZ-102EC pod is dedicated to flare dispensation from the three containers seen on the underside. Note the missile warning system sensors on the aft section.
Tornado ECR MM7052/6-64 and Tornado IDS MM7072/6-30 on the wing of the photo ship.
Buddy-buddy aerial refuelling between two Aeronautica Militaire Tornados.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live 1,000lb GBU-32 JDAM.
A crew chief talks to the aircrew while working through pre-flight checks with Tornado ECR MM7055/6-65. The aircraft is loaded with a single captive carriage CATM-88 HARM missile.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live AGM-88 HARM missile.