Air International 2019-11
R.Niccoli - Diavoli Rossi /Military/
Buddy-buddy aerial refuelling between two Aeronautica Militaire Tornados.
The BOZ-102EC pod is dedicated to flare dispensation from the three containers seen on the underside. Note the missile warning system sensors on the aft section.
Dolomite backdrop, the mountains of north east Italy.
Tornado ECR MM7052/6-64 and Tornado IDS MM7072/6-30 on the wing of the photo ship.
A crew chief talks to the aircrew while working through pre-flight checks with Tornado ECR MM7055/6-65. The aircraft is loaded with a single captive carriage CATM-88 HARM missile.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live 1,000lb GBU-32 JDAM.
Members of the Sezione Armieri load a live AGM-88 HARM missile.