Air International 2020-07
P.Butowski - Russian Review
A Su-30SM carrying an IAB-500, supposedly over the Mukhor-Konduy range in April 2020
The Su-35's first presentation in the Middle East and North Africa region came during the Dubai Airshow in 2017.
Su-35 c/n 07105 on the production at the KnAAZ facilities in April 2020. Note the face masks worn by the plant's workers.
Ansat '982' during a promotional tour of South Asia.
A computer-generated artwork showing differences between the Ansat-M and two different variants of the Ansat-NG.
Russian Aerospace Forces A-50U '42 Red'/RF-50610 over Moscow on May 9, 2020. This is the most recent of the modernised A-50Us.
Another of the six 'Mainstays' upgraded so far is A-50U '47 Red'/RF-92957. The absence of rear-fuselage auxiliary fins is clear from this angle.