Air International 2020-07
T.Newdick - Tempest gathers pace
Looking every inch the 'sixth-gen' fighter, the Tempest mock-up includes a planform reminiscent of the F-117A, with a sawtooth trailing edge, trapezoidal twin tails and F-35-style engine intakes.
The full-size concept model for the next-generation Tempest fighter unveiled at Farnborough International Airshow in July 2018.
Current thinking is that by 2040 the Typhoon fleet will be approaching its out-of-service date, with the prospect of its successor, the Tempest, being optionally manned.
Another CG concept of the Future Combat Air System, this time showing a production line for Tempest fighters. BAE Systems aims to employ advanced manufacturing capabilities, including robotic and cobotic (collaborative robot) assembly.
An infographic of the Team Tempest Future Combat Air System concept.