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??? - Lightning from Lombardy /Warbirds/
C.202 Serie III (M.M.7834) of 151 Squadriglia (51 Stormo).
C.202 Serie I (M.M.7948) of 168 Squadriglia (54 Stormo).
C.202 of 73 Squadriglia of 9 Gruppo, 4 Stormo "F Baracca".
C.202 of 369 Squadriglia of 22 Gruppo Autonomo.
C.202 Serie III (M.M.7848) of 378 Squadriglia, 155 Gruppo, 51 Stormo.
MC.202 III серии выпуска (M.M.7806) на заводском аэродроме.
The C.202 A.S. (M.M.7806) was the 88th Macchi-built Serie III aircraft and is seen in an early version of the desert camouflage scheme.
Re-engined with a Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine the basic C.200 Saetta became the C.202 Folgore. It had a top speed of 367 m.p.h.
A C.202 Serie VII (M.M.9044), an example of the first production batch to standartise on 7,7-mm wing guns.
A Macchi C.202 A.S. Folgore (M.M.7770) Serie III of the 79 Squadriglia of the 6 Gruppo (1 Stormo) operating from Ara Fileni, Libya, early 1942. The "Sagittario" emblem of the 1 Stormo was painted in black on the white "combat identification" band.